When you can’t decide between two selfies and have to stick them both together so people know that there are at least two specific angles from which you look okay.

Hi I’m Ally and I’m a geology student who lives in the UK (but I find myself in Ireland half of the time). I like lifting weights, yoga, eating, makeup, the overuse of parentheses and stationery. I dislike cooking (you see a predicament there?), learning to drive (4 years and counting) and most of all, feta cheese. In the distant and not-too-distant past I’ve been a bit crap at the whole life thing, partly through my own fault and partly not, but things are a lot better than they used to be so I figured I could use my experience to help people out.

I started this blog as an alternative to the ‘everything is great’ kind of approach to wellness that assumes everyone has a secluded meadow grove to meditate in for a hour every day, or indeed even the time to do so. And that’s not to knock meditation, that stuff is great, but I’m not sure that a ‘Yoga Sounds’ playlist being played from Spotify through my tinny iPhone speaker whilst I sit on my very hard, beige carpeted floor complete with ominous stains from previous tenants and the pleasant aroma of Yankee Candles mixed with perpetual damp smell (student life hey), is quite the ‘serene’ setting that these kinds of pristine Instagram accounts have in mind.

We don’t all have a lot of free time, we don’t all have a lot of spare money for gym supplements, aromatherapy oils, superfoods, organic produce, self-help books etc. and unfortunately we don’t always have the ingredients for a green smoothie in the fridge each morning (and even when I do there’s probably no clean glasses).

The point is we can all try to live a healthy and happy life within our means, but sometimes it just needs a different approach. Sometimes you have to get there step-by-tiny-step. And that’s cool. I still sometimes forget which drawer the detergent goes in, sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed on a morning because something just feels wrong and sometimes I have a boss day, eat 100% clean, workout and even put my clothes out for tomorrow so y’know, balance.

In summary: Look after your fine self and if you don’t know how have a read of my blog.

Now go read some stuff, follow me on Instagram and Twitter and have a great day.


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